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Cannabis-Startups.com is the biggest community in Europe for growth. We help founders becoming better makers as a operational investor by hosting monthly webinars as well as local meetups to connect. 

For external growth we work together with investors who provide capital as well as a network to grow. 

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APIs made our life easier. We are now able change the status quo by connecting patients with us to build better experiences. 

You love sales by heart? You are a fan of cannabis products and beliefe in the plant. You can start building your network.

You have a profound knowledge about the plant. Even a deggree as a doctor or something similiar. Your chance!

You spend some time in the lab to create better products to enhance peoples lifes. We are waiting for you!

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We have provided you the best selection of classes we are hosting each month to give you a profound knowledge.

Required permits you need

What are the regulatory requirements for the importation and distribution of medical cannabis?



Company formations and forms

Understanding of computer networks with in-depth knowledge of the workings and structure of a computer network. Post this course, you will learn to effectively plan and design a computer network.


Export of medical cannabis

The recent news were from Lesoto which means new developments in Europe. We are doing a forecast what might can happen in the future!


The future of cannabis products - dosage forms

Peter Homberg talks about the different kind of dosage forms we have currently in the market to the final categorization of each product. 


Sales and marketing for CBD

What are the restrictions on the trade of CBD products as cosmetics and novel food and what effects has the ECJ decision on the classification of CBD as a narcotic?


UPDATE on CBD flowers

We are talking about the current state of regulation of the sale of CBD flowers here in Germany regarding the last court decision at the end of March 2021

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"I just finished my degree at the HDM in Stuttgart and now joining a sales team at a CBD company which just brought out a new fomulation of flowers!

Renata Glem

Business Development, Green Leaf

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